Uniqueness for You

Passion for design is our path to creative thinking. For years, we have been developing bespoke because everyone deserves to express themselves in their own way.

Moder Solutions for Your Convenience

The geometry, harmony and sensual minimalism of our products create a functional and modern space. Innovative solutions make everyday life easier – because you need to feel good at home.

Flexibility for Satisfaction

Aluminium provides high reliability and a wide range of design possibilities. Thanks to its design flexibility, we can stimulate new  aesthetic  impressions. We understand diverse needs, which is why we create for technically demanding and visually appreciative consumers.

Quality for Pleasure

Durability and reliability are the qualities that will make the house a haven of intimacy. We enrich your space with carefreeness and the pleasures of everyday life. This is your home, feel safe in it.


■  Safety

ALUHAUS aluminium products are easy to maintain. The applied solutions in ALUHAUS aluminium products guarantee optimal thermal insulation, windproofing and waterproofing.

■  Environmental sustainability

Our products are the ideal choice for those who care about the environment. ALUHAUS joinery is 100% recyclable without any quality loss.

■  Modern design

We consider the look of ALUHAUS products to be a matter of great importance. A wide range of colours and unique designs make it possible to adapt the joinery to any architectural style.

■  Thermal performance

High thermal insulation of ALUHAUS products makes our aluminium joinery the perfect solution for passive and energy-efficient houses.

■     Products to last years

The advantage of our products is their high strength. They do not become damaged by UV rays or moisture, do not rust and do not deform. They are also weatherproof and their maintenance is simple.